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  • The Corpus Christi Police Athletic League was formed in 2003 to serve the at-risk areas of Corpus Christi.
  • In this short time, we have grown from 435 kids playing baseball to over 3000, and have added Volley Ball and Boxing
  • Since forming in 2003, and working out of the trunks of patrol cars, we now own a 62,000 square ft Gym with tons of potenial
The remodel on our building started May 2017, we are aiming for completion by December 2017. Our new facility will open us up to many new ways to help our community and we are working hard to offer Corpus Christi a great center where your children will be able to take part in programs that promote confidence, team work and self dicipline.

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Construction/18519936_438077993234177_2040902144267103482_n.jpg Construction/18485329_438077986567511_5565851292539496624_n.jpg Construction/18447330_438078139900829_2687230193035373732_n.jpg Construction/18447161_438078126567497_12108046209426649_n.jpg
Construction/18446815_438077989900844_577889301944967663_n.jpg Construction/18446578_1963370387227122_5071872830916483426_n.jpg Construction/18425310_1963370470560447_1857946224908012103_n.jpg Construction/18403500_1963370367227124_4009765447616986214_n.jpg
Construction/18403395_1963370357227125_3218899017111497074_n.jpg Construction/18403164_1963370420560452_4018766951777598617_n.jpg Construction/18403153_1963370413893786_7277734847724045079_n.jpg Construction/18402979_1963370460560448_8465800688789301369_n.jpg
Construction/18402843_1963370350560459_6329727909399017447_n.jpg Construction/18402769_1963370437227117_8161924062113905450_n.jpg Construction/18402581_1963370447227116_5613465383167141370_n.jpg Construction/5.jpg
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Your donations keep our programs running, our facilities working and give thousands of children multiple alternatives to a lifestyle on the streets. Every Kid Needs A Pal! Thank you


Our New Location
702 S Brownlee
Corpus Christi, Tx 78401