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Spring Baseball 

*Registration is 25$ a child 


*Children are placed on a team of 12 and will play anywhere from 12-14 games during the season


*Our coaches are all volunteers and schedule practice around their free time, we welcome parents and other adults that would like to coach a team  

Spring Volleyball Clinics
*Registration is 45$ for 7 sessions, a schedule will be given to you at time of registration
*The sessions will all take place within one month, usually twice a week and focus on individual technique as well as working together as a team
Spring Volleyball Season
*Registration is 25$ 
* The season starts in May and games will be nightly
* Each team will play 12- 14 games in a season
* Registration is 25$ 
* Classes are once a week for 55 minutes
* Age groups are Monday: 4-7 years old,  Wednesday :8-9 years old, and Thursday: 10-11 years old
 For more information on registration dates and times contact the CC-PAL Office at 361-883-2725 or 361-947-5383 
Email us at kara.ccpal@yahoo.com 


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